Something new

So I am doing a crowdfund campaign to get my tarot cards printed and into the world.

This is all very new to me and filled with learning curves that i had... have no idea about... google analytics??? dashboards.... facebook?????

so over my head in internet right now... dreaming of when livejournal was my internet filled with 30 strangers that adored my babbling and followed my nonsense.

then i found instagram where i could post pictures to my hearts content... but not too many in a day... or i would be spammy.... but i have so many pictures to share i just want to spam instagram all day long... i got it down to 3 a day then 1 day... now a handful a week.

but you can't raise money on instagram... you have to use facebook. so facebook i joined... and facebook does NOT like being spammed... i just want to share my art. i have cool art. it's one little link...

so much learning to do. so i thought i will go back to my roots, Livejournal... but it's been so long i don't know that i even know Livejournal anymore. Where am i? what am i doing? who knows, but lets make it work.


a bike ride

Today I went for a bike ride. Where I live the trees are green and lush. A large body of water is to my east. When you look over it all you can see is water. Out well beyond where you can swim there are factories. There water is turned into water. They look pretty cool, but the idea seems strange. The sun was out today. they say the sun is toxic, what once was a great god is now a hazard. When a youth the sun would kiss me every year and turn me coppery. Now I have to be careful of it. I have to cover my skin otherwise the sun will boil my skin, turning it red and opening up tender sores.

Sun, why are you so toxic? The bike ride was lovely we biked along that great body of water. No one actually swims in it. Those that dare to wade in it have no cuts. If the water was to get into you before getting to the water factory, something unpleasant would grow in your gut.

So we biked. We didn't wade or swim. we just enjoyed the water from a distance. We enjoyed the cool breeze off the lake, They don't say that is toxic, not yet at least.

The path we followed is paved and mostly in well repair. It runs 18 miles along the lake shore. It cuts through a giant green track of land. The grass is so lush and soft it encourages people to lounge. Gaint deciduous trees shade the way, the closer to the lake you get the more gnarled by wind they become. Great impressive trees soaking in that sun. Their chloro filled leaves photosynthesizing energy.

I peddle my bike I feel my body. I am moving, my body is moving, I am moving through this world. Oh to bike on the bike path. My caloric energy getting me to where I must go. And where must I go? Over there. So I peddle. Up the lawn a bit is a much larger path bikers and joggers don't take that path. Cars, autos, mechanical beasts take that path. They chug and whirr and zoom right along. Leaving clouds of petro fumes in their wake. When ever I can I saty away from that path.

Todays bike ride was adventurous. We crossed under that path twice. The first crossing was just a small tunnel large enough for people or bikes, perhaps small autos. When we got to the west side of he auto path there is no trace of lake. Here there are buildings taller then the sky. There is still green nature here, the grass is still soft, the trees are still tall, but the buildings are much taller.

This side path has more feet walkers, they use nothing but shoes and muscles to get over there and usually back again. Me and my companion found a series of differnt stations for training your body to become strong and agile. We disd several activities. We really just played. There were apporatisus to demonstrate upper body prowess, core strength, and leg flexibility. It was great fun, we did about ten different activities.

Afterwards we decided to miander more through the woods away from the lake but not quite to the city. We had to cross a road, but nothing as frightful as the big auto path near the lake. Once over my reward for sporty activity and was a metal man, I used my communication device to snap an image of it.

We biked again. Along the park we went under one more road in a tiny underpass way it waws most likely cobble when originally done. We were right next to the animal habitat. Enprisoned animals being kept safe from the hazards of the wild and displayed for the public. They can no longer keep elephants there. All theirs died because their outdoor space was too small. We didn't stop there but just north of another metal man, a metal benjamin we took a break to look ast the nesting habitat of rare dark crowned night herons. They migrate to the same patch of woods every year to nest. What a sight to see these giant birds up in trees. The biggest tree birf I'm used to seeing around here is a raven or a hawk. These are about the size of a malerd.

We listened to their babies prattle on for a bit then turned to bike north. The sun was setting and the earth is still cool so it was time to get home before the evening snow. The next two times we went under roads we were right next to the water. One waterway is a thouroughfare for caloric powered boats the other for auto petro based boats. The caloric pass is easy to miss but a comfortable way. The petro pass is obvious and the way clear, but the actual pass is narrow and can be hazardous with on coming traffic.

We biked along the main path for sometime, when close to home we branched out taking paths much closer to the lake. We rode up nore hills. Man made hills. There aren't too many hills in this area. Dune lines from the lake but no hills. So all hills are man made. What secrets lay under them only time will tell. we biked past team activities and the common public out enjoying what we were enjoying we got home and feasted!


I got all giddy that LJ now has a mobile page... I don't have stationary internets so I liked this idea. But it seems that the mobile page ate my posts and my comments. Dang.

I still think I want to reclaim my blog so be prepared for poorly spelled blah blah blahs

Much love,

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they just painted this wall a clean plain color. i'm totally down with the first "tag" of the year. i heart art!

I did some work in my office yesterday

here was my view. on the other side of the hill is miles and miles of lake michigan, but i was happy to look at the green grass lovely trees and dandelion procreation!

happy spring time.

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I'm not really a fan of this new Arizona law. it creeps me out. Police turds can stop anybody and demand to see documentation. i could be wrong, but that seems un constitutional. of course this is a youre-not-white kind of a thing, because you know white folks won't be harassed for documentation. whites have the golden ticket skin. puke.

and whats the big deal anyway? I don't understand the importance borders and keeping people out.

one argument was all about drug trafficing... um america get your shit together and deal with the issue here. get rid of the demand and poof that problem goes away.

The other arguement i heard can't honestly be serious. they say immigrants are taking citizens jobs... no one in my peer group would even entertain the idea of workinh in the conditions and for the pay that imigrants do.

also last time i checked america was created by immigration. my mother immigrated to this land. i have citizenship with another country. i have pride in that, and of being american.