April 5th, 2017


Something new

So I am doing a crowdfund campaign to get my tarot cards printed and into the world.

This is all very new to me and filled with learning curves that i had... have no idea about... google analytics??? dashboards.... facebook?????

so over my head in internet right now... dreaming of when livejournal was my internet filled with 30 strangers that adored my babbling and followed my nonsense.

then i found instagram where i could post pictures to my hearts content... but not too many in a day... or i would be spammy.... but i have so many pictures to share i just want to spam instagram all day long... i got it down to 3 a day then 1 day... now a handful a week.

but you can't raise money on instagram... you have to use facebook. so facebook i joined... and facebook does NOT like being spammed... i just want to share my art. i have cool art. it's one little link...

so much learning to do. so i thought i will go back to my roots, Livejournal... but it's been so long i don't know that i even know Livejournal anymore. Where am i? what am i doing? who knows, but lets make it work.