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The optimistic clouds of an Ohio Sunday morning.

Now you may hear me make some nasty and bitter comments about how boys are dumb and everything… and over the weekend I learned just how dumb they really can be.

But for every pile of horse manure you have to remember there is a pony somewhere.

Well, Lazer Beam Johnny Boy is one of those ponies, though he’s more of a mountain man, you still had to want to ride him like a horse!

clearly something as amazing as this creature can not be photographed. but here is the best i could do. but it does NOT do him justice.

This man was over twelve feet of hairy muscley sinew, and he was all man, ALL MAN.

Oh ya, and he was straight too. But who cares, that kind of adds to the sex appeal.

This boy had some skills and not just to look impressive and what nots. But the energy that kid shot out into the world… it was agreeable! One could not sit in a room with him and say he wasn’t agreeable.

And then he had control of the most amazing magic! Utilizing his guitar he would create the most enchanting and lamenting templates that he would then let go and his voice would carry you off to distant realities. It was teary-eye worthy.

*thump-thump goes my heart*

His playing and his energy were so rich that he engenders feelings of both trust such awe; other voices around him would pick up his chants complimenting and accenting his voice. Sometimes just to show that not all eyes were on him he would recognize the voices in the melody, at which point they would freak out, the enchantment broken.

On Sunday morning it was cold and dreary and kind of blah. But we were all out on the patio, Lazer Beam Johnny Boy came out in his lumbering and erotic manner and sat down on the railing and played his magic and you’ll never guess what happened.

Those clouds, they started moving. Hearing his call and his magic and feel the respect and energy that was being displaced by him, they decided to put some light on the situation and see what was really happening. And there in that ominously undulating gray sky the sun would peek out, revealing the sky blue sky behind! They were very optimistic clouds; they were showing what greatness could happen!
Before the day could even unravel at our feet, the cold seeped back into dank regions where warmth and love can’t go. The sun came out with warm embraces for all and the day was a glorious day!

And it had to be, there was no doubt about it.

So I need a massive hairy mountain man that plays guitar and controls the winds and knows how to call the sun and could make my body quiver and heart tremble all at once.

That’s what I need. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for!

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