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It's snowing!!!!

i love the snow.

not the angle of the sun though!

but it's snowing!!!!

here is a pic of my portriat wall, showing off the image otterfreak did for me!
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Neferpiti was being super cute and climbing on the pipes... but when i went to take a picture he moved.
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in other news my aunts came out for a visit from new mexico. they love my new apartment, and everything i've been doing. it was so nice to see them. i wish we could have had a longer visit but i had to study for two test and they didn't want to get stuck in traffic.

i'm not too sure how long they are going to be staying in lake county, i may go up and visit them... but at the same time visiting my folks me visiting my wicked sister and her wretched child... so i probably won't.

i did get 100% on my anatomy test, and i think i did well on my massage theory test, but i will know for sure on monday or wedensday.

i'm going to do some research online to see about "heat guns" i'm assuming it must be some kind of ray gun or something. but you can use it to strip the paint off of crown molding.

i'm intrigued and want to look into doing this for my apartment!


so while cleaning her cage and bribing her with hay and fresh greens Acclimade finally came out of the cage!!!!!

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it was kinda short lived but she actually hopped about, in and out of the cage several times and even explored on the hard wood floor!!!

new stuff!!!

ya i'm not going to invest any of my old security deposit. it was only 375. i had to get a few things for the house, and there is only about a hundered left or so.

first on my list was a power drill... i purchased my first power tool. i feel like such a man... HA

while i was at the hardware store i saw some big things of astro terf. i decided that would be perfect for acclimade since she has not come out of her cage since moving her. i really think it is due to the hard wood floors.

this is acclimade right after i put her lawn down. hopefully this will entice her to come out of the cage even if it just just on the astro terf. i'll keep us updated as to how that goes...

the cats on the other hand have made themselves right at home!

they have even begun to break all sorts of things! aren't cats the best?!?
god damn cats

see the bay-bee

this morning at 3am i was awoken to quite a stir, the cats were yoelling back and forth at eachother and causeing quite a ruckis!

i tried to shush them but they would have nothing to do with it, so i crawled out of bed to see what was amiss. Amnesia was in labor. i sat down on the couch and played animal crossing with her curled up next to me and when a hard contraction would come up i would put my hands on her little back feet and she would push and push and push i would grunt with her, and i tried to make her comfy, i rubbed her belly which she doesn't like at all!

around five she pooped on my new kids of the block pillow and ran away... something was coming. she crawled under the coffee table and terrifingly gave birth to the first baby! she didn't know what the hell was happening. i had to break the sack away from it so it could breath. Amnesia ran into the closet and tried to run into my sock drawer of freshly cleaned socks. i grabbed up the new kids on the block pillow put it in the closet in a safe little corner put they screaming baby on it and then amnesia also. i brought her new little litter box just for this occasion out to her, and a bowl of cool water and fresh food. she got off the pillow and hid behind the ironing board as the second kitten popped out of her. i put it on the pillow also.

Amnesia was bored with the hole process and began to wonder around the house. i thought she was all done so i put her on the pillow with the two new borns. the were contented to have mom back. shortly there after a third kitten popped out. i feared the worst, it wasn't moving or making any noise like the other ones, but by this time amnesia had the hang of it and instincts overpowered fear of the unknown. she licked and cleaned it and in no time it was breating and meoowing. and then fighting the first born for her nipple.

i had to go to work, but i think the pregnancy was over... but who knows!


Genocide died yesterday.
i feel poopie.
but i distracted myself by cleaning which was nice.
i haven't writen my book since i found her.
i don't want any of my other animals to die.
boo hoo
dave e wo.